Charlottesville, VA (UVA TODAY) The University of Virginia Licensing & Ventures Group has named two winners, an individual and a team, of the 2016 Edlich-Henderson Innovators of the Year, given to University faculty members whose research discoveries are making a major impact on society.

John A. Hossack, a professor of biomedical engineering, has focused his research on the use of ultrasound and microbubbles in imaging and drug delivery. His innovative discoveries played a role in three successful startup companies headquartered in Charlottesville.

N. Scott Barker and Robert M. Weikle II, professors of electrical and computer engineering, and Arthur W. Lichtenberger, research professor of electrical and computer engineering, respectively, have spent years working on materials, devices, circuits and systems for the measurement and detection of terahertz radiation, or THz. Terahertz radiation refers to frequencies on the electromagnetic spectrum that are invisible to the naked eye and that fall in between microwave and infrared wavelengths. Until recently, the means to detect the tiny wavelengths of THz did not exist. Barker, Weikle and Lichtenberger’s work has practical applications in fields like radio astronomy and compact radar surveillance.

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