HemoSonics, a UVA-affiliated medical device company, has announced the publication of four journal articles, accompanied by an editorial, in Anesthesia & Analgesia describing the first clinical experiences with the Quantra™ Hemostasis Analyzer, a groundbreaking system designed to transform and improve the management of critical bleeding.

These papers introduce the device and describe the results of multi-center clinical studies involving more than 150 cardiac and spine surgery patients. The leading editorial highlights Quantra's novel SEER Sonorheometry technology, which may provide significant advantages over existing systems.

The Quantra and its Surgical Cartridge, the first in a series of test cartridges, were designed to facilitate quick and precise treatment of critical bleeding. These studies demonstrate the ability of the Quantra to monitor coagulation at the point of care in critical care settings and generate comprehensive results in less than 15 minutes.

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About HemoSonics

HemoSonics is a medical device company developing a point-of-care diagnostic platform to guide the management of critical bleeding to improve outcomes and reduce healthcare costs by enabling more targeted transfusion of blood products. The Quantra™ Hemostasis Analyzer is designed to transform the way clinicians manage coagulation dysfunctions by providing comprehensive, timely information on coagulation status at the point of care. The Quantra is designed to deliver easy-to-understand comprehensive measures of the treatable aspects of coagulation in just 15 minutes at the point of care in the operating room, intensive care unit and other critical-care settings. HemoSonics is headquartered in Charlottesville, VA, with research, development and manufacturing facilities in Durham, NC. For more information, visit

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