The federal and Virginia R&D tax credits are often overlooked or underutilized by eligible companies.

Companies should make sure they are gaining full benefit of these tax laws to help fund operations and improve the bottom line.

The federal credit has been made permanent, eliminating a maddening uncertainty that kept many companies from bothering with it. Plus, several rule changes greatly increase its practical value: the credit can be used to offset AMT for eligible small businesses, and to offset employer payroll taxes for eligible startup up companies.

In Virginia, an entirely new state R&D tax credit has been created for large companies, to complement the existing credit for small companies which is refundable, and other new rules provide the possibility for substantially higher credits for large and small companies alike.

Virginia Bio invites you to register for the webinar to be held on Monday, October 24 from noon - 1 pm. Hear from the experts about the recent changes in both federal and state that make them more attractive, and learn whether and how your company can benefit from these incentives to R&D.