SIP is a one-of-a-kind, win-win program for interns and young professionals and their employers in the greater Charlottesville area held over the course of 8 weeks during the summer!

What interns / young professionals can expect:

  • grow their professional skills
  • get inspired by our wealth of local entrepreneurs and innovators
  • discover and explore Charlottesville as a top-notch place to live, work and play
  • bond with other young professionals

What employers can expect:

  • 8 weeks of support of your intern/young professional(s)
  • a series of events for your employee(s) to attend (see list of events below)
  • a highly organized, professionally produced program for an affordable per-intern fee
  • opportunity to contribute to the building of our region's strong talent pool while building your own network: connect and bond with fellow employers with interns

SIP programming – centered around education, networking, inspiration, and fun – is designed to enrich each intern's experience while fostering the next generation of community leaders. In its fourth year, CBIC has incorporated feedback from both employers and interns for a more robust and sturdier program in 2018. Participation from local tech organizations historically has been hearty; however, SIP is also a great fit for interns in other innovative fields.

SIP aligns with CBIC's mission to attract and retain talent in our region. We are especially excited about the 2018 list of events, supported by an array of local companies, which will be held over the course of 8 weeks beginning June 11 and lasting through July 31.

Costs: The per intern cost is $80, and covers participation in all of these high-quality events in the 2018 series:

Professional Networking & Etiquette Lunch
New for 2018, the Professional Networking & Etiquette Lunch will take place the second week of June at Brasserie Saison on the Charlottesville Downtown Mall. Interns will meet each other and learn networking skills at a 1-hour reception, followed by a seated lunch. Susan Dawson, Chief People Officer with Silverchair, will lead the session, sharing the importance of first impressions, techniques for building their networks, and how to dine in a professional setting.

"Find Charlottesville" Scavenger Hunt
Also new to the program, the “Find Charlottesville” Scavenger Hunt is a week-long challenge for the interns, competing as teams, to find local landmarks and quirky favorite spots, posting their photographic evidence to Instagram. The winning team receives a prize bag with local gift cards and company swag.

c-e2 – Charlottesville Entrepreneurs + Espressos
Interns will attend a popular CBIC event, c-e2, at iLab at UVA on Tuesday, June 19th. From 8 – 10am, interns will network over coffee and hear a pitch from an early-stage company. They will then "get in the trenches" with a successful entrepreneur who will share first-hand experiences and perhaps some outlandish secrets, so other entrepreneurs may discover valuable lessons learned. This event is casual, caffeine-fueled, and co-hosted by CBIC.

LinkedIn Workshop
Back by popular demand is the LinkedIn Workshop, hosted by Zac Reagan, Senior Manager of Talent Acquisition with S&P Global. With an established background in corporate recruitment and talent acquisition, he will give interns the inside scoop on what recruiters are looking for, as well as how to get their LinkedIn profiles "up to snuff". This event is held at S&P Global in Late June.

Leadership Roundtable Discussion
Another returning favorite, the Leadership Roundtable Discussion brings together local CEOs and leaders to share the insights gained from their varied experiences of leadership, providing an opportunity for interns to learn how these takeaways can be used in career navigation. The event is scheduled for the first week of July. More information coming soon on location, moderator, and participating leaders.

Day on the River
Redesigned for 2018, this outdoor social event on the water is active and inspiring. In Mid-July interns will join Rivanna River Company for kayaking on the river with several knowledgeable river guides and loads of fun. This event begins at 4pm and includes transportation, cold drinks and snacks. Gabe & Sonya Silver will share their experience in launching and growing a local company founded in their passion for playing outdoors and enthusiasm for Charlottesville's river.

Philanthropy 101 & Celebration Picnic
Interns and employers will wrap up the summer programming with a great new addition – the Philanthropy 101 & Celebration Picnic. They will hear from local non-profit leaders about the ways in which strong non-profits build strong communities, and how they can get engaged! After this informal talk, we'll celebrate a great summer experience, share our big takeaways, and enjoy delicious picnic food together. Location TBA.

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In order to get the most out of the 2018 program, register by June 1st!

If you have any questions about the SIP program, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..