As unique as Charlottesville is, it is not immune to the economic laws of supply and demand. The market for office space in Charlottesville is a great case in point.

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Beyond the many accolades that are heaped on Charlottesville as a great place to live (happiest town in America, best place to live in the country, the most beautiful college campus in the US, one of the hippest mid-size towns … and the list goes on …), Charlottesville is emerging as a mini-tech powerhouse. From student entrepreneurs to startups to some of the fastest growing tech companies in America, Charlottesville’s tech scene is thriving.

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The numbers have been in for some time now, and they reveal a sobering truth: the so-called STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and math) remain exceptionally male-dominated. The metrics on women in tech are actually getting worse.

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Throughout my career I’ve had the tremendous opportunity to promote all things Virginia. The many times I have visited Charlottesville – there’s always a feeling about the community, you’ve really got it going on. Through increased collaboration, the environment for innovation and entrepreneurship in Charlottesville will only intensify the ability to compete.

In the recent book “The Metropolitan Revolution,” and the conversation many enjoyed with Bruce Katz of the Brookings Institute during his visit to Richmond last year, it is said there are three things to help ignite a metropolitan revolution: create a network where everyone moves in the same lanes together; celebrate and champion the distinctive feature for the region; and figure out the game changer.

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As Executive Director of CBIC and Founding Executive Director of the Charlottesville Angel Network (CAN), I'm often asked:

  • "Where do the local tech and entrepreneurial people meet up (and where can I find a job, employee, mentor, investor, co-founder, consultant)?"
  • "How can I stay informed about local tech and startup happenings?"
  • "What resources are in the region for an entrepreneur starting up a tech or innovation-based venture?"

CBIC publishes a weekly opt-in e-newsletter, which provides answers and insights into these very questions. 

In addition, CBIC maintains the below inventory of active groups, meet-ups, funding sources, online forums, jobs boards, makerspaces, accelerators, and more that collectively stitch together and inform our tech, entrepreneurial and innovation-based start-up ecosystem. 


Startup Funding Sources

Incubators, Accelerators, Co-working and Entrepreneurial Startup Spaces

  • Catalyst @ https://www.434.coa long-format accelerator, providing early-stage startups in central Virginia with nine months of program support, including: $20k in grant funding, dedicated workspace, experienced founders-in-residence, monthly programming, dedicated staff, a large network of industry experts, and access to nearly $50k in additional resources. 
  • Charlottesville Technology Incubator (CTI) @
  • Charlottesville Open Bio Labs @
  • Center of Developing Entrepreneurs (CODE) coming to downtown Charlottesville 
  • Common House: a social club with co-working and meeting space @ 
  • HackCville @
  • i.Lab at UVA @
  • Machine @ | Featured in Cville Tomorrow
  • Studio IX (co-working space) @
  • UVA Cobb Hall Labs contact Steven S. Wasserman @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 434-243-7088
  • UVA Research Parks @
  • UVA The Lighthouse and Works in Progress @ | Featured in Cville Tomorrow
  • Vault Virginia: collaborative office space including conference rooms @ 

Entrepreneurial Training | Workshops | Bootcamps

News Sources, Online Forums, Slack Channels, Google Groups, Etc

Events Calendars 

Jobs & Internships

Company and Startup Lists in Charlottesville

Why Charlottesville? #CvilleTech Acquisitions, Exits, Wins, Funding, Accolades 


Do you know of other local resources, groups, meetups, training, calendars jobs boards, we should add to this list? Comment below!

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